Who Benefits/Services/Testimonials

Patient AssisWho Benefitst VI helps the uninsured and underinsured in the US Virgin Islands who are currently under a doctor’s care and who need to take medication every day but have trouble paying for their medications.


We offer patient advocacy services free of charge to individuals in need. We meet with patients to determine eligibility and gather necessary forms and signatures. In an effort to keep costs down we work out of physician offices but we will occasionally meet with a patient in an alternate setting.

We interface with the patients’ physicians to attain necessary prescriptions and work with pharmaceutical company representatives. The process is complicated and time consuming but most patients receive their medication in 4-6 weeks of the paperwork being completed.

Medications are provided through pharmaceutical assistance programs and charitable foundations. We also pay for patients medications when necessary. We also provide patients with information regarding pricing of medications at the various pharmacies in the Virgin Islands and provide information regarding drug discount programs.

After the devastating hurricanes of September 2017, PAVI has worked with local physicians, pharmacies and federal government agencies to disseminate information regarding availability of medications both in the medical community and the community at large. PAVI strives to be a partner amongst the islands’ medical providers regarding availability of pharmaceutical products as the islands recover.


“Thank you so much for helping me out…I really appreciate your helping me.  This has truly been a blessing.”….DM (patient assisted with much needed pain medication)

“You just changed my life.  You ladies are awesome.” ….RM (patient assisted via approved application for free insulin from pharmaceutical company.)